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Some HTTP captured traffic.. right click on one row for more options..

TcpCatcher settings panel

Double click on one row to open an HTTP request and its reply.
Note that you can rollover any header to let its decription pop up. You can also use search engine to quickly locate a word. Note that, in HTTP response, ziped HTML content has been deflated and is pretty printed.

Same HTTP packet : raw data view (don't miss a particular byte value), HTTP view (see http headers) and image view (rendered image)

You can customize display : choose columns you want to see, change row height (to see full header) or right click on column header to apply a filter (looking for Image Content types for example)

Select two packets | right click | choose 'Compare with each other' and highlight differences between two packets

With the "Hook Builder" , add or remove HTTP headers, search and replace HTTP contents

Perform a port scan